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A community is not one without U-N-I-T-Y. New Era Chicago (NEC) is committed to uniting our race with tactics never before used. We are dedicated to eliminating the separation between the Black older and younger generations, Black-owned businesses and Black consumers, and Blacks of different religious groups.

As a chapter of New Era Detroit, NEC will implement the tactics and programs of New Era Detroit with a Chicago twist. With the dedication and hustle only Chicago residents have, NEC will unify Chicago Blacks and further the empowerment of our people.



On December 22nd, New Era Chicago is holding an open public meeting at C.B.U.C., 330 E 37th St. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. We invite you to be a part of change by coming to our community meeting to get inspired, informed and then involved in the community. We will be discussing our ideology, plans, upcoming events, membership opportunities, and much much more. If you have been wondering who we are, come on out and find out. There will be time for questions and open discussion. The meeting is free and has plenty of room (parking and seating)! It'll be a comfortable, casual setting, so tell all, bring all! See you there! For more information, contact us via email, phone, Instagram, whatever! Just make sure you'll be there!


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Learn more about New Era Detroit and the New Era Nation. With a chapter surfacing in every major city and our variety of programs and initiatives, the New Era Nation will bring back UNITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and POWER to our people and our communities!
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